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"Really well delivered and impressed with high professional level of coaches. E-mail of info was great and text about change was good. Good feedback from coaches."



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British Canoeing

Advanced Canoe Leader Training

British Canoeing Advanced Water Leadership Awards were formerly known as 5 Star Leader Awards.

There is no better way to navigate the waterways of Great Britain than by open canoe.

Someone skilled in such a versatile vessel can sail across lakes, pole upriver, paddle down river and cruise along canals. Over two days we will verse you in the ways of the open boat.

On this course you will look at:

  • Efficient and effective river running and open water skills.
  • Skilful application of appropriate boat and bank based safety and rescue skills.
  • Sailing, poling and lining and tracking.
  • Safety, leadership and group skills.


It is very important that this course is run on the right grade of water. Cumbria has many great 5 star rivers, and we hope to run the course on them. We do feel however that there is a much higher chance of running the course if we keep our options open. Therefore if conditions are not appropriate in Cumbria we will move the course to the closest appropriate venue, probably N. Wales or Scotland.

We will make a decision regarding the venue, as soon as we can, but will make it definite by the Wednesday before the start of the course. Please be aware that there is small chance that the course may be cancelled or postponed due to lack of water.

If we are not in Cumbria, transport may be provided by Wild River, for a maximum of 4 students, to whichever venue we chose. Students will be responsible for their own food and accommodation, and a contribution towards fuel.


Course Dates

Dates to be arranged.


British Canoeing Moderate Water Canoe Leader or 4 Star Canoe Leader or ‘Old’ Level 3 Coach. Please bring proof of these to the training course.
The British Canoeing Advanced Leader Award is appropriate for those with advanced personal skills who wish to lead on advanced journeys, both on rivers and remote, exposed open water. During the course we will look at the skills required to lead groups on advanced open water and rivers.


British Canoeing Advanced Canoe Leader Syllabus

Advanced Canoe Leader Training Notes

BCU 5 Star Canoe Leader Training
BCU 5 Star Canoe Leader Training

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