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Winner of CN Group Customer Service Excellence Award 2015

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What our clients say...

"Excellent – to the point, practical and tough. Information given and technical content – good as always."

"Really well run and set up. I really enjoyed the 3 days of training. All the information given helped towards being ready for training. Rivers venues were good and information from trainer was of a high standard."

"Good coaching of personal and leadership skills. Felt well looked after and pitched at the right level for me."

"Really enjoyed being gently pushed progressively, so felt I improved. Excellent locations to practise."

"Course was well structured, laid back, yet provided the information I need to improve. The Wild River boats were a lot better than I brought along. A new understanding about types of boats and set up. A lot of of guidance given to improve my paddling. Good support and encouragement."

"Very clear communications before the course. I feel I now have better knowledge of what I need to work on further."

"Brilliant. The technique of having an angle on the boat before the boof stroke has made a huge difference."



Wild River Course Calendar


British Canoeing

White Water Kayak Leader Training

British Canoeing Moderate Water Leadership Awards were formerly known as 4 Star Leader Awards.

The British Canoeing White Water Kayak Leader Award is perfect for all paddlers who look after others, as well as being a great way of developing a better understanding of your own role in the team. Of course it also encourages you to be a better paddler. The Award is aimed at those paddling in moderate water although it provides an excellent foundation for progression to advanced environments.

kayak leader training

  • Can I stop in the distance that I can see?
  • Can the group stop in the distance that I can see?
  • If the next feature I see on the river is too hard for me or my group, can we stop?

If the answer is yes to all of the questions above then let’s get on with enjoying the river.

British Canoeing white water kayak leaders have the best job in paddling. Take a group out paddling and allow them to have a great time. Don’t worry about making them better, just let them play. If everything is set up right at the start, then these can be the most enjoyable days on the water.  Clients, friends or club members playing when they feel comfortable, seeking support when needed. A good river leader appears to be doing very little but is always in the right place at the right time to solve problems or even better, to prevent problems from occurring. A quiet word or a little nudge of the boat to put a group member back on line or to prevent a capsize.

kayak leader training

The British Canoeing white water kayak leader training course looks at the skills required including:

  • Matching the river choice to ability of the group
  • What equipment to carry.
  • Setting up the logistics for river journeys.
  • Strategies for leading in moderate water and when to use them.
  • Communication skills beyond signals.
  • Line choice for different abilities.
  • Simple rescues.
  • Personal paddling skills and technical understanding.
  • Achieving positions of maximum usefulness.
  • Demonstrating good paddling techniques.
  • Using river features effectively.
  • Stroke timing and river reading.

At the end of our White Water Kayak Leader training you will have very clear picture of where you are in relation to the British Canoeing Moderate Water Leader benchmark. 

We will write your action plan regarding:

  • Personal paddling skill in moderate water
  • Leadership in moderate water
  • Personal and group equipment needs
  • What you need to do to prepare for assessment

kayak leader training


Venues for White Water Kayak Leader training include the rivers Leven, Eden, Lune and sections of the Kent.

Which Dagger creek boat would fit you?

Dagger creek boats

Let the experts help you find out.

We understand that boat fitting is crucial to advanced performance. Wild River now has a fleet of the latest models of Dagger white water creek boats, in all sizes. Fitted with the top specification Contour Ergo Creek outfitting, we can find the right boat for you.

Join one of our White Water Kayak Leader Training courses and get the opportunity to try for yourself, free of charge. Boats must be booked at the time of payment of course fees and are available on a first come, first served basis.

Terms and conditions
Although we do expect the boats to be used for their purpose and therefore some damage can occur, we would ask that you take great care and look after the boats you use. Treat the boat as if it was your own.

We ask that you:

  • Make sure airbags are fully inflated before use.
  • Avoid dragging the boat over sharp rocks.
  • Think about white water moves that have a high chance of impacts.
  • Report any damage as soon as possible.

Should boats get damaged due to negligence by the user we would expect the user to pay for repair or replacement.

Boats are allotted on a first come basis according to the payment date of the course fees. If you want to be sure of paddling a specific boat then full payment of course fees will guarantee this.

Course Dates

5,6 October 2019
21,22 November 2019

Course fee: 2 day £170, 3 day £250 (includes the opportunity to try a Dagger white water creek boat free of charge. Boats must be booked at the time of payment of course fees and are available on a first come, first served basis).


Be able to paddle to the standard of either the old British Canoeing 3 Star White Water or ‘old’ 4 Star White Water Award


British Canoeing White Water Kayak Leader Syllabus

White Water Kayak Leader Training Notes

BCu 4 Star White Water Training
BCU 4 Star White Water Training

BCU 4 Star White Water Training
BCU 4 Star White Water Training
BCU 4 Star White Water Training
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